How to use lead tags

Tags allow you to implement new ways of qualifying your leads and to know which paths they took in conversation. Tags can be assigned manually or automatically based on actions taken by your leads within a conversation. Tags are an effective way to classify, segment and filter your leads.

In this article we will cover:

How to assign tags in conversation workflow

Simply drag and drop the Power-up object Tag lead, click on it to create new tags or choose from your previously created ones, and Save.

Now whenever a lead reaches that point in the conversation, we will add a tag to it. You can choose as many tags as you want.

How to assign tags manually on Lead's profile page

Open lead's profile page, scroll down till you see the Tags section, click on +Add lead tag and choose the lead you want to add or create a new one.

How to filter leads by tags

Go to your Leads page, click on Tags on the left side-bar, choose the tag you want to filter with. You will see a number next to each tag that indicates how many leads match that tag.

To view the assigned tags on Leads page, click on Columns and choose tags and click Save.

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