How to notify agents when a user reaches a certain point in conversation

Want you and your team to be alerted and receive a notification when a visitor reaches a certain point in your bot's conversation? Try using our  team notification object

Once a visitor reaches the point you specify on your chatbot conversation; a notification will be triggered.

The supported notifications are

  • In-app pop-up notification
  • System notification
  • Slack notification
  • Email notification

How to add Team Notification object

  1. Drag and drop the "Team notification" object anywhere in your messages section 
  2. Click on it to edit it 
  3. Then name the notification anything you want, you can use custom fields or lead's attributes in the notification title. 
  4. Choose whom to notify, you can notify the entire team or certain agents only. 

Note: Agents will only receive notifications if they are enabled in their settings page.

How do the notifications look like?

Email notification 

Pop-up Notification

Slack notification

System notification

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