Zapier: Send email message for meeting confirmation

In this zap example, we will show you how you can connect Continually to Zapier to send an email message to notify your lead about your meeting time, this can be useful to send special information you want or a customized message in a different language.

In this article we will cover:

  • Add the Continually step
  • Add the email step

Add the Continually step

First of all, you must Connect Continually to Zapier then create a new Zap, for the first step search for "Continually" and choose the trigger event as "Get appointment details" this will make this Zap run when a new appointment is made.

You will be asked to connect your Continually account to authorize this app, click on the +Add a new account link, authorize the connection, then choose that account and click on Continue.

In the final step, you will be asked to test the trigger, this will get the latest appointments from your account as a sample data. After you test the trigger pick the sample you want and click on Continue.

Add the email step

Before that, we need to change the format of the appointment, Continually sends the appointment format in the ISO-8601 format, which is a standard format for an appointment but is targeted towards machines, so it is not very reader-friendly.

Formatter by Zapier

To get started, in the second step search for an app called "Formatter by Zapier", and choose Date/Time as the action event.

In the next step, choose Format for the transform field and in the input field choose Appointment time (UTC) from the first step we created above, as for the rest of the fields configure it as the following:

  • To format -> Choose the format you want to display the date in, this will be helpful when you different date format in your country. 
  • To Timezone -> Choose the timezone you want the date/time to be displayed in.
  • From format -> Leave this empty.
  • From Timezone -> Keep it as UTC.

After you click on Continue, you will be asked to test the configuration, so simply click on Test & Review. You will see the output result of the configuration you made, confirm it is displayed in the correct format and timezone. If everything is set correctly click on Done Editing.

Send an email message

Add a third step and search for " Email by Zapier" and choose "Send an outbound Email" this will send an email from Zapier's mail client. If you don't want to choose this app you can add any email sending app like Gmail, Outlook, IMAP, SMTP .. etc.

After that, fill in the email fields, like To, Subject, Body .. etc. Customize the email the way you want and to insert the appointment in the format we just created pick it from the second step.

After that click on Continue then Test & Review, but aware that this will send an email notification to the email you specified, so it is better to choose an appointment that you can have access to its email, so create a fake appointment and use that as the sample data.

Example of the email received, you can customize this email as you want, and if you chose some other services you will be able to choose the sender email and also add an HTML content to the email.

Click on Done editing then turn the Zap on and you are ready to go, add a fake appointment and test the zap one final time.

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