Marketo: How to map variables to Marketo fields

After you add the lists and bots you want to sync in our Marketo integration, it is time to map our variable to Marketo fields, the process is so easy and simple, keep reading to know more.

Mapping your Continually variables to Marketo

You can set where each of your Continually variables map to on your Marketo account.

Go to your apps page, find the Marketo integration and click   View preferences
Click on Variable mapping
Select where each Continually variable maps to
Note: Only these fields types are supported for syncing : ' string', ' text', ' email', ' url', ' phone', ' textarea'.
If you don't see your field in the list of mapping this is because it is not one of the supported types.

Note: Some variables are not able to be re-mapped. They are highlighted grey
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