Google Analytics 4: How to convert Continually events as conversion

So you started using Google Analytics 4 integration with Continually to track our events in your dashboard, now it is time to mark these events as a conversion.

To start with, you need to already have connected Continually to Google Analytics 4, then you need to have collected some data from your users that initiated the event you want to track.

Then simply go to Google Analytics Dashboard > Reports > Engagements > Events pick the event you want to track and you will find a three dots icon click on it and choose "Mark as Conversion".

That's it! Now when this event occurs again it will be marked as a conversion. You can check it by going to Google Analytics Dashboard > Reports > Engagements > Conversions

What can you do with Conversions?

By setting up conversions, you can do the following:

  • Report on conversions: See the actions that matter most to your business using the Acquisition, Engagement, and Advertising reports.
  • Bid on conversions: Import your conversion data into Google Ads to fuel manual or Smart bidding decisions to help optimize your campaigns.
  • Attribute credit to conversions: Combine your data with data from other advertising channels to understand the touch points along a user's path to conversion.
  • Advertise to unconverted users: Use your conversion data to create audiences of users who didn't convert and import those audiences into Google Ads for remarketing.
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