Salesforce: How to connect / disconnect Continually with Salesforce

Looking to connect your chatbots and live chat into Salesforce? We will help enrich your Salesforce data on your customers and win more deals by synchronising Continually leads, events and activities for Salesforce leads and contacts.

Before we start, there are some requirements you must have within Salesforce to be able to connect. You must have an Admin access and your plan must support API access.

There are some limitations on using Salesforce’s API, it is available only to these plans: Enterprise, UnlimitedPerformance or  Developer .
These Editions don't have an API Access: Contact Edition and  Group Edition. 
The  Professional Edition can have API access only as an add-on that needs to be purchased.

In this article we will cover:

  • How to connect Continually to Salesforce
  • How to disconnect Salesforce integration

How to connect Continually to Salesforce

Go to Apps page, find the Salesforce integration and click on Connect. You will be redirected to Salesforce to login and authorize the connection, after that you will be taken to Salesforce configuration page to set your preferences. You can always change your preferences later, so don't worry about it if you made a mistake or wanted to change your mind later.

Check this guide to learn more about how to configure your preferences and options 

How to disconnect Salesforce integration

Want to pause or cancel Continually integration with Salesforce? That's so simple, just go to Apps page, find the Salesforce integration, and click on Disconnect.

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