Salesforce: Integration options and preferences

After you connected your Salesforce integration you will need to set your preferences to match your needs and how you want Continually to work with Salesforce. 

Go to Apps page, find Salesforce integration and click on View preferences.

You will find a lot of options:

Variable Mapping

You can use it to map Continually's variable to Salesforce's leads and contacts leads. Read more.

Sync bots

Send all leads data captured on Continually to Salesforce or choose only certain bots to sync. Read more.

Connect your teammates users

We allow you to map your teammate member in Continually to their corresponding Salesforce user. This will be used to assign the lead owner or contact owner when we sync leads to Salesforce.

Set lead owner

To set the lead owner you must first map the Continually teammate to the corresponding Salesforce user, remove the check mark if you don't want to set lead owners.

Create new contact 

Instead of adding Continually's lead automatically as Salesforce lead, we will search if an account exists in Salesforce that has the same name as Continually's Company variable, if we find it we will create a contact, if we couldn't find it we will add it as a lead.
Remove the checkmark to always add it as a lead.

Add meetings

When a new appointment is made in Continually, we will add it as an event in Salesforce.

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