AWeber: Connect Continually to AWeber

Want to synchronize your captured leads in Continually to your mailing list on AWeber? Now you can connect Continually to AWeber directly. You can send over all leads or leads from a certain bot to any list you have in AWeber, keep reading to find out how.

In this article we will cover:

How to connect Continually to AWeber and set your first list

Simply, go to Apps page, find AWeber and then click on Connect, you will be redirected to AWeber to authorize the connection, please fill in your AWeber credentials and click on Allow Access.

Then you will have to sync your first list, you have an option to sync all bots or a certain bot to that list.

Note: If you have more than one account, you will be required to choose which account to connect to.

How to sync leads to a second list

Go to your apps page, find the AWeber integration and click on  View preferences
Click on add another list then select which list you want to sync 
Then choose which bot you want to sync from.

Note: If you want to stop the syncing of a list, simply click on Deactivate list and it will stop syncing it without removing it.

How to sync more than one bot to a list

So you have added your list and see the option to sync all bots or specify a bot. But maybe you want more than one? Heres how to do it.

Go to your apps page, find the AWeber integration and click on View preferences
Click on Add another list.
Select the list you want and choose to specify a bot.
Then save your changes.

You can repeat this step but select a different bot each time to sync more than one bot to your list.

Mapping your Continually fields to AWeber fields

You can set where each of your Continually fields maps to on your AWeber account.

Go to your apps page, find the AWeber integration and click View preferences.
Find the list you want and click on Map custom fields.
Select where each Continually field maps to.

Note: Some fields are not able to be re-mapped. They are highlighted grey. You can control when to sync these fields. You have the option to Always sync, Never Sync or Only sync when AWeber filed is empty.

How to sync all previously created leads to AWeber

Due to some limitations on AWeber's API, we are unable to automatically send all previously created leads through the API. AWeber suggests that you upload the previously created leads by importing the leads from an XLS or CSV file to your account. Check out Aweber's guide on how to import a list of subscribers.

To export Continually's leads into an Excel file, visit your leads page and click on Export XLS.

Exporting Data into Excel spreadsheet

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