How to takeover conversation from a chatbot

Continually Live chat is great for support and sales! For support, you can let the bot answer more commonly asked questions and use live chat to deal with the more difficult situations. For sales, you can qualify leads with your bot and then proactively reach out with live chat to important leads to make sure your customers get the information they need!

In this article we will cover:

The difference between live chat and chatbots

Live chat allows you to speak with any live customers on your website in real-time. It is amazing for dealing with complex or sensitive issues. BUT... live chat is only useful when you are available and ready to respond quickly because leads don't hang around!

Chatbots are custom conversations you have built to help deal with your customer's common questions. They can respond instantly and are available 24/7, so when a customer has a simple question they get an answer quickly, despite what time they land on your website!

Combining live chat and chatbots gives you the best of both worlds! You can use your chatbot to answer the common questions and then let your customers use live chat when they don't get the answer they have been looking for.

For sales teams, you can save time by qualifying leads with your chatbot and then jump into the conversation with live chat once you have captured their lead info.

Here is how they differ in function : 

If a user writes anything in the live chat field, it will automatically route the conversation to a live chat conversation. The live chat field can be shown from the beginning of the conversation or at a certain stage only, this will give you a better chance to qualify and control your leads.

How to take over the conversation from a chatbot

If a lead doesn't write in the live chat field, the conversation will be shown in the Active Visitors section in the Livechat app. You can click on any conversation and write a message to your lead, this will take over the conversation from the bot to a live chat conversation.

How to control where your customers can use live chat

You have an option to show live chat by default for all bots or choose which bots you want to display the live chat field for. This option can be controlled in the Availability settings in the Livechat app.

If you want to hide the live chat field till a certain point in the conversation, you need to set up a Livechat object inside your bot flow. Learn more about that here: How to use the live chat object

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