Integromat: How to connect Continually with Integromat

Integromat is a powerful easy to use tool to automate manual tasks and integrate different services together. In this article we will explain how you can connect Continually to integromat by sending your lead's data to any service you want to integrate with in integromat.

We will be using our External API object in this tutorial.

Connecting with Integromat

1. Login to your Integromat account and create a new scenario, in the first step add the "Webhooks" app, create a new connection and call it "Continually Chatbot". You will get a webhook link, copy it.

2. Open the chatbot you want to integrate with integromat. Add an external API object and paste the webhook link in the URL field and select the method Post.

3. Start adding your parameters, you can pass over any system or custom fields you capture from your leads. For example, to pass the name of a lead you will need to add the field name between curly brackets and an @ sign like this {@name}. After you add your parameters click on the Send button to send a request to integromat. Go back to integromat and it should display a "Successfully determined".

4. Add the app you want to integrate with Continually. You can use the fields you added in the "parameters" step above in the second app. For this tutorial we will integrate Continually with an Airtable base.

And that's it! Once the external API object is reached in the conversation it will fire the call to the integromat webhook and execute the scenario. Don't forget to test it to make sure everything is running as expected.

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